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  • Virtual Reality Is Cool, But Don’t Bet Your Event on It

    Virtual-Reality-Is- Cool-But-Don’t-Bet-Your-Event-on-It

    They say that everything old becomes new again, and virtual reality developers seem determined to prove that adage true. VR was supposed to change the world in the 1990s, but neither the technology nor the demand for it was there. The hardware was clunky, the graphics were dizzying, and the overall quality of the experience wasn’t great.

    The idea of sharing helmets, goggles, and glasses with family members — let alone strangers — was a huge hurdle in public spaces. People soured on virtual reality, so it remained the stuff of science fiction.

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  • Heaters: 3 Micro Event Trends Procurement Teams Need to Know About


    The continued rise of event marketing represents an entirely new discipline for the world’s procurement departments to embrace. Gone are the days of GRPs and exact media buys—today’s marketing campaigns span mobile marketing, pop-up stores, corporate social media meet-ups and everything in between.

    Indeed, it’s a brave new world for sourcing departments and the procurement managers who run them. Which is why GES is committed to keeping procurement teams informed on event marketing trends that are heating up, buzzwords and growth areas. After all, if you’re informed, you can make informed decisions. And if you understand many of the micro trends the event team is buzzing about, your sourcing team can help them bring those trends to your company’s events in smart, efficient ways.

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  • ON Event Services Business Is Now ON Services, A GES Company


    It’s an exciting day for us, and for our clients.  We’ve made a significant expansion of our core services with the addition of the business of Atlanta-based ON Event Services, a leading national provider of live event audio visual production, encompassing AV design, lighting, mapping and scenic design services.  The ON Event Services business also produces high-end entertainment events and provides in-house audio visual services to arenas, conference centers and hotels.

    We know that full-scale AV and event production is a priority for live events around the globe. Now, when working with GES for all of your live event needs, GES has the scale, scope and strength to fully produce live events of all types and sizes – from large-scale entertainment experiences to corporate events, conferences, general sessions and exhibitions. That’s why the extensive event production capabilities of the ON Event Services business perfectly complement GES’ core live event services for corporate events, exhibitions and exhibits. 

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  • When Considering Event Sponsorship, Think Outside Your Industry


    An organization commonly stays in its target niche when attempting to grow an audience, but a powerful tactic worth exploring calls for seeking a marketing boost outside a familiar industry.

    Opening the door to new players allows organizations to increase brand visibility, something that 59 percent of exhibitors cited among the reasons to sponsor events in our recent Sponsorship 2.0 research. And half of these same sponsors measure the effectiveness of the event sponsorship based on the number of visitors to the organization’s booth — traffic and visibility sponsors wouldn’t otherwise see.

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  • Be like Netflix: 3 Ways To Spark Creativity Within Your Brand


    Creative branding used to mean clever ads and witty catchphrases, but content alone isn’t enough.

    Creativity today is all about disruption, attacking the market from an angle no one else has tried before, and establishing your business as the leader in that area before your competitors can scramble to adapt.

    Think about the way we consume movies and TV shows compared to just 10 years ago. Once-powerful Blockbusters have turned into liquor stores, and streaming services like Amazon and Netflix are running the show.

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  • 5 Reasons to Bring Technologists Into Your Marketing Campaign Immediately


    When we talk about event trends, the vast majority of predictions are technology-related. The move to mobile will become more pronounced, for example. The sheer number of smartphones out there shows that this mode of communication is set to dominate; in Hong Kong alone, an estimated 96 percent of the population uses a smartphone every day to go online.

    More general trends also imply technology – the move from passive audiences to interactive audiences, for example. We now fully expect to engage actively with brands and, to some extent, create the event experience for ourselves.

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  • 4 Key Steps in Decoding Event RFP Responses

    4 Key Steps in Decoding Event RFP Responses

    It’s no secret that event RFPs are different than other marketing agency selection efforts. But preparing and submitting a formal Request For Proposal is only half the battle… now, you’re charged with evaluating the responses.

    So where do you start with your RFP review process? Which parts should you pay close attention to and what can you skim over? Through research and experience, we’ve identified the most important aspects of reviewing the agencies that respond to your event RFP.

    As a procurement professional in the review process, use these four key steps to decode event RFP responses:

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  • 5 Exhibition Resources You Can’t Live Without


    There’s no better feeling than the sensation of being a part of something magical. That’s how I felt when our team worked with the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. To see the magnitude, global visibility, and sheer complexity of the event come together to create one giant unstoppable machine was, well, mind-blowing and inspiring.

    A magical event is, at its simplest, about matchmaking — “Buyer, meet seller” in a B2B context or “Attendee, meet attraction” in a consumer context. But with so much new technology, increasing globalization and new generations bringing new challenges to the marketplace, the exhibition andevent industry is changing rapidly. You need to constantly evolve your offering if you’re going and turn it into magic, and that means staying up-to-date on new resources. Here’s how:

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  • Event Sponsorship Trends


    As an event organizer, you understand that incorporating mutually beneficial sponsorships is a huge part of executing a successful event — not to mention garnering the ROI you desire. Still, it can be hard to know where to start when you’re unsure of where sponsors’ needs and expectations intersect with your own.

    Last fall, GES’ market and strategy team surveyed some of the most prominent names in events — both on the organizer and exhibitor sides — to identify upcoming sponsorship trends in terms of reporting, performance measurement, sales strategies, and more. One thing is clear: Organizers and exhibitors have different priorities. Here’s a quick overview of some of our findings:

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  • Making Friends: How Large Shows Can Complement Proprietary Events

    Instead of feeling threatened by the steady proliferation of proprietary corporate events, organizers of shows with 125,000-plus net square feet of exhibit space can profit from the trend.

    That’s the message I shared with executives and managers at Lippman Connects’ most recent Large Show Roundtable (LSR).

    Making Friends: How Large Shows Can Complement Proprietary Events – Dan Hilbertfrom Global Experience Specialists

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